Facilities available at the Shree Mookambika Temple

Medical Facilities:

For emargency medical care if any, a Government Hospital is available within 500 metres from the Temple.

Community Hall :

Temple has two Auditoriums. One is Shree Mookambika Auditorium and another is Sarvamangala Auditorium. Mookambika Auditorium has a seating capacity of 1000 and Sarvamangala Auditorium has a capacity of 500 audience. Both Halls are available for the Devotees on rent.

Facilities for the disabled and senior Citizen Devotees:

Devotees with disability and Senior Citizens can directly enter the temple without waiting in the normal queue.

Arrangments in the Temple for Free Food for the Devotees:

In the form of “Prasadam” free Lunch and Dinner is provided to the Devotees visiting the Temple.
Afternoon: From 12.00 Noon
Night : From 8.00 PM

rrangement for Speacial Darshan:

Temple Authorities have made arrangements for Special Darshan through the North Side entrance with a fee of Rs.100.00


Photos and Books containing the History and Legend of Shree Mookambika Devi.

Parking arrangement for the Vehicles:

Parking arrangements are available at the Northern side of the Temple.

Arrangements for keeping the Footwear:

A “Chappal Stand” arrangement is available in front of the Temple, to keep the Footwear of the of the Devotees.

Bathing Places:

Kashi Theertha and Agni Theertha are the two rivers flowing in Kollur. These two rivers join together and flow further as Sowparnika River which is about 0.5 KM from the Temple. On the banks of the River, bath rooms are arranged and same arrangements are available at the Kashi Theertha river banks also.

Arrangements for Drinking Water:

For the conveniece of the Devotees visiting the Temple, arrangement for Drinking Water is made at the nothern side of the outer circle of the Temple. For washing the feet and hands, water taps are made available on the front portion of the Temple.

Information Center:

Any information about the Temple can be had from the “ Temple Information Center”