Festivals and Celebrations


Navarathri festival:

During the days of Navarathri Festivities, along with the special “Poojas” Shatha Rudrabhishekas andn at the night, “Kalpoktha Navarathri Special Pooja” is performed. During Navarathri, which is celebrated for Nine Days, “Navadurgalankara” is performed. On the Mahanavami Day (the nineth day) Car Festival (Rathotsava) is held by placing the Devi on the decorated Pushparatha. The “Chandi” Sthotra will be read on all the nine days. “ Chandika Homa” also will be performed. The Navarathri Celebrations end on the Vijayadashami day. On the Vijayadashami day, thousands of devotees perform the Aksharabhyasa Seva at the Saraswathi Mantapa.

Dhanurmasa :

During the month of Dhanu, every morning the routine poojas will be performed and every day special “Naivedyas” will be offered and “Mangalarathi” will be performed.


On the day of Shivarathri, along with the routine Poojas, special “Abhishekas”, “ Archanas”, “Naivedyas” and “ Mangalarathi” will be offered. Along with that, Festivals are also held on the Street Known as “Beedhi Utsava”

The Annual Festival:

The Annual Festival is held every year during the month of March or April for Nine days. Daily worship and special processions are held. At noon “ Shatha Rudrabhishekha will be performed”. At 5.30 PM in the evening and at 10.00 PM in the Night, Street Festivals take place. The main Car Festival ( Maha Rathotsava) will be held on the 8th day. Next day the “Okuli Festival” ( like Holi) and the Boat Festival ( Theppotsava) are held on the Sowparnika River. On that day during the “ Maha Rathotsava” the festivitis will be held seating the Devi on the “ Doddatte” (Decoration like the Aura around the Devi)


On the day of Ugadi, the usual Poojas will be offered, with special preparation using Neem. In the evening, from 5.30 PM to 6.00 PM, the Goddess will be placed at the Saraswathi Mantap and special offerings and Mahamangalarathi will be performed, followed by the traditional “ Panchanga Shravana” ( Predictions are made about the Nation, Rain, Agriculture and Politcal Scenario etc. ) This is the beginning of the new year. On the evening of Ramanavami i.e after 15 days from Ugadi, special festivals are held.

Ashtabhandha Brahmakalashotsava:

Ashtabhandha Brahmakalashotsava is performed once in twelve years. Last time this festival was held in April 2002 in a splendid manner. “Abhisheka” ( ritualistic bath) was performed on to the Linga with 1008 “Kalashas” ( vessel containing water - of which 1000 were made up of silver and 8 were made up of Gold) filled with sacred water. All the sevas and programmes are taking place during the Brahmakalashotsava Festival. The “Sahasra Kumbhabhisheka was performed in the benign presence of Shringeri Jagadguru Shree Shree Bharathi Theertha Swamiji. The Ashtabhandha Brahmakalashotsava, Ati Rudra Mahayaga, Sahasra Chandi Mahayaga was accomplished with the help of about 200 priests. The “poornahuthi” of the Sahasra Chandika Yaga was performed by Shree Shree Raghavendra Bharathi Swamiji of Ramachandrapura Math.

Chandika Homa:

The Chandika Homa is performed by about 7 Priests, by reading 700 verses andn 700 hymns from the Shree Devi Mahatme and offering sweet pudding (Payasam) 700 times to the Agni. Every day the Chandika Homa Seva is performed in the Temple