Dos and Don’ts

1. Those who are prostrating on the path of the circumambulation, must see that other devotees are not inconvenienced.

2. Ladies should not enter the Temple for 11 days after child delivery.

3. If there is any Death in the family, the family members should not enter the Coutyard of the Temple for 11 days.

4. Ladies should not enter the Temple during their monthly period (5 days) time.

5. Pregnent women should not enter the Temple Courtyard after 7 months.

6. Drinking Liquors, smoking and spitting inside the temple premises is strictly prohibited. Entry into the Temple is forbidden to Drunkards.

7. Devotees have to enter the Temple with bear feet.

9. Photography is prohibited inside the Temple premises.

10. For any Seva or offerings Reciepts should be obtained from the Temple Seva Counter.

11. Donations must be put into the Hundi only. Or should be handed over to the Seva Counter against receipt.

12. Please co-operate with the Temple Authorities to keep the Temple Premises Clean and to protect the sacred environment of the Temple.

13. devotees should not enter the Temple wearing shirt, baniyan, coat, hat, turban, shorts (Bermuda) or lungi.

14. Donations to the Temple can be sent through Money Order, Check or DD in the name of Executive Officer, Sri Mookambika Temple Kollur Kundapur Taluk, Udupi District, Pin-576200